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What is our advantage of Tungsten Carbide HPGR Studs

July 19,2023

HPGR studs are in the charge of the chief engineer of our company personally, and all processes from ingredients to delivery are in place; (the chief engineer of our company has nearly 30 years of tungsten carbide production experience and he is very familiar with domestic and foreign stud products and operating conditions. )

Using fully automatic TPA press, each equipment can produce 7000 studs per day;

Imported HIP sintering furnace is used to ensure the consistency and compactness of the HPGR studs performance and ensure high quality;

Using high-precision finishing cylindrical grinding machine, surface grinding machine and our self-developed HPGR studs ball head processing equipment to ensure that the size and tolerance of the HPGR studs are consistency. Each stud adopts 100% full automatic inspection to ensure quality;

Adopt advanced surface treatment technology to ensure the surface finish of studs;

HPGR studs are well received by customers with fast delivery, good quality and high cost performance;

In 2018, our HPGR studs won the title of "Top 100 Suppliers in Cement Industry".

In 2019, our HPGR studs won the characteristic brand of "Hundred Years of Craftsman Star" in the Chinese construction industry.

Our R&D team is developing a new type of HPGR studs to replace the traditional stud material.

The product has been tested in the laboratory. If it is successfully launched on the market, it is expected that the price/performance ratio will increase by about 50%.

Mingri company’s energetic R&D team is willing to develop and innovate with you on win-win cooperation!


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