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Tungsten carbide welding blades introduction

December 07,2023

Carbide welding blade, is a normal cutting machine tool blade for metal cutting, generally used in the turning tool, milling cutter above the blade.


Cemented carbide insert key points of use :

1, Welded cutting tool structure should have enough rigidity, enough rigidity is the maximum allowed shape size, as well as the use of high strength steel and heat treatment to ensure.

2, The cemented carbide blade should be fixed firmly, cemented carbide welding blade should have enough fixed robustness, it is guaranteed by the groove and welding quality, so according to the shape of the blade and the geometric parameters of the tool to choose the shape of the blade insert.

3. Carefully check the blade holder, before welding the tungsten carbide blade to the blade holder, the cemented carbide insert must be checked. First of all, the blade supporting surface should not be seriously bent. The cemented carbide welding surface shall not have a serious carburizing layer, and the dirt on the surface of the cemented carbide blade and the insert of the tool bar should also be removed to ensure that the welding is solid.

4, Reasonable selection of solder, in order to ensure welding strength, the appropriate solder should be selected. In the welding process, good wettability and fluidity should be ensured, and bubbles should be excluded, so that the welding and alloy welding surface are fully in contact, without welding phenomenon.

5, The correct choice of welding flux is recommended to use industrial borax, should be dehydrated in the drying furnace before use, and then crushed, sifted to remove mechanical debris, waiting for use.

6, The selection of mesh compensation gasket, in the welding of high titanium and low cobalt fine particle alloy and welding long and thin alloy blades, in order to reduce welding stress, it is recommended to use a thickness of 0.2-0.5mm sheet or mesh aperture 2-3mm mesh compensation gasket for welding.


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