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Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools

Zhuzhou mingri Cemented Carbide Button Inserts for Coal Mining Raw Material

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Our Advantages:

1.Using over 100% high purity tungsten carbide powder, it has a better strength and hardness combined with a longer service life than the normal one. 
2.Taking isostatic pressing machine, our drill bit button has a uniform density and do not break easily.
3.HIP sintered, increase the strength substantially therefore extend service time; the abrasive resistancing of carbide button can be increased by 24%.
4.Grinted by centerless grinder, it has precis measurement.Be welted tightly, it do not drop from drill.
5.Full range of types and specifications available.



Grades of manufacturer of  tungsten carbide button for mining  from zhuzhou

Grade Density T.R.S Hardness  Performance & application recommended

Approx Grades

 in China

g/cm3 MPα HRA
MK4 15.1 1800 90 Mainly used as small buttons for percussion bits to cut soft and medium hard formations. YG4C
MK6 14.9 2100 90

For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, oil cone bits and scraping knife bits,

 usd in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.

MK6 14.7 2400 89.5

For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, cone drill bits and scraping knife bits, 

used in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.

MK15 14 2500 87.5

Good strength and less wear resistance, for bits of rotary hammer rock drills and heavy rock drills,

 for hard and very hard rocks.

MK10 14.7 2450 88.5

Mostly used as the buttons of small and mediumsized percussion bits and 

as the inserts of rotary prospecting bits to cut soft and medium hard formations.

MK15 14.7 2450 87.8

Suitable to strips, conical buttons for rotary,percussion-resistant, 

geological prospecting,buttons, cut soft and medium hard formations.

MK20 14.4 2550 87

Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits 

to cut medium-hard and hard formations.

MK25 14.5 2600 87.5

Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits

 to cut medium hard and very hard formations.

MK30 14.4 2600 87

Largely for the inserts and buttons of percussion bits 

and tricone bits to cut medium-hard, hard, and very hard formations.

MK40 14.2 2650 86.5

Predominatly for the buttons of tricone bits and inserts

 of rotary percussion bits to cut hard and vey hard formations.

MK50 14 2700 86.5 For oil cone drill bits, for medium soft and medium -hard rocks. YG15C

Other grades may be offered by customers' requirements.

Application of manufacturer of  tungsten carbide button for mining  from zhuzhou 

Tungsten carbide button is widely used in petroleum drilling, snow plow equipment, cutting tools, mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drilling tools.It is also can used as excavating tools for Tunneling, quarrying, mining and Construction. In addition, it can be applied as drill accessories for rock drilling machine and deep hole-drilling tools.   

1, Soon after the order is confirmed, carbide forging die products will start to prepare the RTP powder as per customer’s requirement with our wet-grinding machine

2, Before mass production, we need to do a trial pressing and sintering using every mould, and we check the appearances and the sizes of
 carbide forging die samples with micrometer, projectors etc. to ensure that the requirements of the drawings can be met before batch production

3,  Bulk production ,press the raw materials to shape blanks,and all carbide forging die blanks must be passed by semi finished inspection, 

4, Then sinter blanks to finish (HIP) and finished products inspection, we have 10 sets of vacuum sintering furnace and 2 sets of HIP in the factory ensure the best quality and production capacity.


5, 1). cleaning/tumbling is to make the carbide forging die look more beautiful.
     2).The carbide forging die can be ground according to customers’ order to a tolerance of +/-0.05



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