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Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools

Tungsten Carbide Percussive Drill bit tips Tool for drilling rock mine rock ore

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1. Over 19 Years' efforts in making high quality tungsten carbide products.

2. Rich experience in grade researching, mould designing, automatic press, HIP sintered, surface treating and quality control.

3. We use 100% raw material to produce tungsten carbide products. 

4. It is with high hardness, good wear resistance and high toughness. 

5. We can offer any size tungsten carbide products. 

6. We produce the product according to your requirements.

7. Good quality with competitive price.

8. The best and reliable after service.


2.Grade and application

mining tool grades.jpg 

Other grades and sizes can be offered as per customers' requirements.


application carbide tips.jpg

3. Size and Drawing


types of coal drill tips.jpg


tungsten carbide tricone drill bit,drilling bits for coal mining,drilling bits for coal mining

1, Soon after the order is confirmed, carbide forging die products will start to prepare the RTP powder as per customer’s requirement with our wet-grinding machine

2, Before mass production, we need to do a trial pressing and sintering using every mould, and we check the appearances and the sizes of
 carbide forging die samples with micrometer, projectors etc. to ensure that the requirements of the drawings can be met before batch production

3,  Bulk production ,press the raw materials to shape blanks,and all carbide forging die blanks must be passed by semi finished inspection, 

4, Then sinter blanks to finish (HIP) and finished products inspection, we have 10 sets of vacuum sintering furnace and 2 sets of HIP in the factory ensure the best quality and production capacity.


5, 1). cleaning/tumbling is to make the carbide forging die look more beautiful.
     2).The carbide forging die can be ground according to customers’ order to a tolerance of +/-0.05



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