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Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Raw material high hardness yg8 Tungsten Cemented Carbide Strip/square Bar

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Packaging Details
step 1, wrapped tugnsten carbide strips blank in paper to avoid tugnsten carbide strips blank to broke
step 2, put the tugnsten carbide strips blank in inner small carton box
step 3, put the inner box into outter carton and fill the carton with foamed plastic
step 4, wrap the carton with packaging tape
step 5, you can choose any delivery way such as DHL,TNT,UPS ect.
any port of China
Lead time:
Quantity(kilograms)1 - 500>500
Lead time (days)15To be negotiated

blank carbide strips has high hardness and high wear resistance, it is a ideal choice to used in cutting kinds of wood.

With high quality raw material and advanced equipment, Zhuzhou Mingri provides customer superior quality blank carbide strips.

Easy to be brazed, good wear resistance and toughness.Untrafine grain size raw material to keep excellent strength and hardness.Both standard sizes and customizes sizes are available.


Properties and applications of blank carbide strips



Performance & application recommended

Good wear resistance, used for hard wood, used for 

processing original wood, aluminum section bar, 

brass rod and cast iron.


Has wear resistance higher than YG6, used for 

processing hard wood, original wood, aluminum 

section bar, brass 

rod and cast iron.


Wear and percussion resistance , used for processing 

hard wood, soft wood, ferrous and non-ferrous.


Fine carbide, High wear resistance, high bending 

strength, high resistance to bonding, high thermal s

trength. Machining of refractory alloys, stainless 

steel and high manganese steel, etc.


Wear resistance and strength comparatively higher, 

suitable for processing cast iron, non-ferrous,metal and non-metallid materials.


Wear resistance and strength comparatively higher,suitable for maching cast iron,non-ferrous metal and non-metallid materials

Other grades of strips may be offered according to customers' requirement.

TypeT*W*L (mm)T (mm)W (mm)L (mm)
FS05T x 5 x 3202.0~15.05320
FS06T x 6 x 3202.0~15.06320
FS07T x 7 x 3202.0~15.07320
FS08T x 8 x 3202.0~15.08320
FS09T x 9 x 3202.0~15.09320
FS10T x 10 x 3202.0~15.010320
FS11T x 11 x 3202.0~15.011320
FS12T x 12 x 3202.0~15.012320
FS13T x 13 x 3202.0~15.013320
FS14T x 14 x 3202.0~15.014320
FS15T x 15 x 3202.0~15.015320
FS16T x 16 x 3202.0~15.016320
FS17T x 17 x 3202.0~15.017320
FS18T x 18 x 3202.0~15.018320
FS19T x 19 x 3202.0~15.019320
FS20T x 20 x 3202.0~15.020320
FS22T x 22 x 3202.0~15.022320
FS25T x 25 x 3202.0~15.025320
FS28T x 28 x 3202.0~15.028320
FS30T x 30 x 3202.0~15.030320
FS32T x 32 x 3202.0~15.032320
FS35T x 35 x 3202.0~15.035320
FS40T x 40 x 3202.0~15.040320
FS45T x 45 x 3202.0~15.045320
FS50T x 50 x 3202.0~15.050320
FS55T x 55 x 3202.0~15.055320


Tolerance (mm)
L >150 -0~+L*2%
W≤8.0 -0~+0.35
8.0~25.0 -0~+0.50
25.0~35.0 -0~+0.70
 >35.0 -0~+1.20
T≤15.0 -0~+0.40


Flatness (mm)



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