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Zhuzhou Mingri Company participated in the 4th China Cement Intelligent Summit Forum

Time: 2023-05-17


From April 24th to 25th in 2023, Zhuzhou Mingri Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd was invited to participate in the "Fourth China Cement Intelligent Summit Forum" which held in Changsha of Hunan, with the theme of "Exploring the Road of Intelligent Manufacturing and Building a Smart Factory".



The theme of this conference was "Exploring the Road of Intelligent Manufacturing and Building a Smart Factory", attracting more than 500 attendees including industry leaders, technical experts, cement companies, and equipment manufacturers. Dozens of companies on the sidelines showcased their advantageous products face-to-face in the form of booths.


The internal meeting mainly discussed and extensively discussed how to use digital and intelligent technologies such as digital mine management system, equipment intelligent control system, and intelligent quality control system to achieve scientific control of various links, such as production, management, and sales of cement enterprises. It helped cement enterprises master intelligent technology, accelerate the integration of industry and advanced information technology, and improve the overall intelligent level of the industry.


During the meeting, the "neat and shiny" roller press/high-pressure roller mill with tungsten carbide studs on Zhuzhou Mingri company booth, attracted many cement related enterprises to visit and exchange ideas. They learned that tungsten carbide HPGR studs have high strength, high hardness, and good impact resistance, which can greatly improve the service life and work efficiency of the roller press/high-pressure roller mill.

Zhuzhou Mingri company's tungsten carbide HPGR studs have also received recognition and praise from many cement enterprises, and have also reached subsequent cooperation intentions with many cement and equipment enterprises.


We gained a lot from The Cement Intelligent Summit Forum, met many old friends and get known many new friends.

Looking forward to our next meeting!

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