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Canton Fair "Online Holding" Zhuzhou Mingri "Online live"

Time: 2022-08-17

The 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has concluded.Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions, and this Canton Fair opened in the way of "cloud opening", moving exhibition shopping to the online.As one of the nearly 26,000 exhibitors in the world, Zhuzhou Mingri Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. also opened its own broadcast room to introduce the company's products, workshops and production lines to the world, and benefited a lot from the Canton Fair.

on" to "screen for screen communication", realize the cloud exhibition, cloud communication, "leap in the cloud", promoted the enterprise online integration development, to the enterprise digital transformation and took a key step.

The sales anchors of Zhuzhou Mingri classify the products according to different application fields, display and introduce the products to domestic and overseas merchants on the online platform of Canton Fair and DouYin live broadcast platform, communicate and discuss purchasing matters through messages.Through continuous live broadcasting activities for 10 days, I have received tens of thousands of live broadcasting thumb up and gained the attention of nearly 100 potential customers.On the second day of the live broadcast, Hunan TV and Zhuzhou TV came to our company for special interviews and reports. The sales anchors left a deep impression on the audience in front of the TV with their clear English expressions and natural and graceful product display.

At a time when the epidemic is still spreading around the world and China's foreign trade is facing severe challenges, the Canton Fair is undoubtedly an innovative move to stabilize the basic momentum of foreign trade by injecting new technologies into the economy.Zhuzhou Mingri conduct marketing through cross-border e-commerce platform, online exhibition and other channels to contact old customers and develop new customers. Many customers also show interest in online exhibition and evaluate its novelty and creativity.In the heated exchanges, people heard China's economic sonorous pulsation.By pursuing innovation and continuing to open up, the Chinese economy will be able to ride the waves and achieve steady growth.

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